Beautiful Birth, Beautiful New life.

This birth story begins in the quite of the night. While big sister and big brother are sleeping in their beds, their mother works to bring new baby brother earthside. Determined, supported, she finds her strength, knowing she will soon meet her baby. One of my favorite moments during this beautiful home birth is just moments before baby emerges. Big sister peeking through the doorway finds comfort in her fathers arms as sounds of her mothers strength echo through the room. What a special memory to forever carry in her heart. Witness to a mother strong and the beauty that is natural birth. A perfect catch by Paula with Birthdance Midwifery in Chico, CA. Their healthy baby boy was surrounded by the love of his family, weighed and snuggled in as the sun peaked in from the morning sky.

Congratulations to this family and blessings as a new family of five.

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Each time I walk into the home of a woman giving birth there is a sense of peace and excitement. A story is unfolding, birth photography is a way to document and preserve the journey of birth. Having these moments and connections captured in my camera makes my heart beam with pride for birth photography!  Beyond thankful to this family for giving me the opportunity to be present, and to share their home birth journey.

As I traveled the Skyway up to Paradise, California I did my best to remember the alternative route that wasn’t coming up on my phone and I found myself thankful for my photographic memory! Finding Emily fully in transition I knew it wouldn’t be long before baby boy would be making his debut. On hands and knees she rests on top warm blankets, among the glow of blessing way candle light, banners of affirmations and prayers from loved ones. Guided by her trusting midwife and team, this powerful and determined momma welcomed into her arms a healthy baby boy.

It is such an honor to join the sacred space and capture these moments. As a birth photographer there is nothing more rewarding than getting those perfect shots! (I mean how sweet is this big sister!) After weighing and measuring, cuddles and first laches, I left their home knowing that I had captured a beautiful story of welcoming a new soul earthside.

Birth is sacred, Birth is beautiful!


Honoring birth and the birthing mother is by far my ultimate goal as a birth photographer. Nothing is more sacred and intimate than the moment you welcome your new baby into the world. I hope you enjoyed and were moved by this birth story as much as I am. To see more beautiful birth journeys you can find them here Birth

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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are always a treat, those fresh newborn snuggles, the radiating love and pride from family members enveloping their newest family member… it is pure bliss. This session was special for me as I have been gifted with the opportunity to capture and witness this beautiful family grow for a few years now. It has truly been an honor getting to know and become friends with this amazing family. I am so thrilled to have been there to photograph their sweet baby girl’s first days at home. Congratulations Llamas Family!

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Our family is beyond blessed and ecstatic to share this exciting news with the world! And by the look of that smile, it’s pretty clear that this is one happy Big Sister. The future is bright and destined to be filled with love, friendship and everything a family can ENVISION for a beautiful life experience! We thank all of those who are in our lives showing love and support for our family, this amazing life journey wouldn’t be the same without you!

The Davis Family


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I cannot begin to express how special it was to share in these first moments with this family and witness big sister meeting her new baby sister for the first time. Oh how I love what I do! Those first encounters, newborn eyes gazing upon the faces of voices well known and familiar…. nothing is sweeter and more magical. I am so grateful for each opportunity that I am given to capture such memories for a family. Congratulations and welcome to the world baby O!

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